Little Slut

I have a little slut. But a work of art is nothing if you don't share it.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Little Slut's Nap

Time for Little Slut's afternoon nap. She sits on her bed and gets ready to rest her sleepy little head.

As she closes her eyes and begins to dream. She feels something playing with her face. The smell, the feel, and the taste she knows its her daddy's cock and she almost unconsciously starts to suck.

She squeals as her daddy fills her tight little pussy with cock.

A rope to quite her moans, she is still a Little Slut in training.

With his daughter gagged and bound her father begins to work his Little Slut. Pounding her pussy, as the little whore arches her back begging for more. Between all the slapping and moaning daddy hears his little girl beg, "Please let me cum daddy" she struggles to get the words out through her gag.

With her father's cock deep in her newly stretched cunt, she sprays her cum everywhere. She feels her daddy's cum dribble down to her ass, and she knows the incest is complete. She thanks her father, and snuggles into his chest for a well deserved nap.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Cum Puddle

Little Slut gasps to catch her breath after daddy finally lets go of her throat. Her face is hot and red from you dad taking away her air as he brutally fucks her from behind. She knows he hasn't cum yet, but she has already cum twice, and now she wants her daddy's cum.

Her daddy grabs Little Slut by the hips and stands her up like a puppy. "Look at your mess Little Slut, you are a nasty little puppy." She feels his hand on the back of her head and he pushes her nose down into the puddle of girlcum she left on the bed. She pushes back against his grip as her nose gets closer to the puddle. She is nose down in her own cunt and she feels her father slide his cock inside her again.

The smell and taste of her pussy have made Little Slut all set again. Her daddy to slamming her cunt hard now and srches her back just as she has been trained. She keeps her face buried in her cum and screams "Please may I cum daddy" her little hands grab and stretch yanking on the sheet.

"Cum now you little skank" she hers daddy tell her. As she lets her orgasm roll down her body, she feels her daddy fill her with cum. She is tense with pleasure, her face coated in cum, her pinnk snatch filled with cock. She knows she is nothing but her daddys little fuck machine. She is a slut and she loves being fucked by her father. The filth of incest is now what she craves. Just the thought of her daddy, fucking his little angel, and turning her innocence into debachery, makes her cunt quivers. There is no turning back for Little Slut.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Sick Little Slut

Little Slut is horny, no big surprise this Little Slut never let's an hour pass with out thinking of her hungry cunt. She lays in bed, sick and tired, no energy too even get herself a out of bed to put some clothes on. She is sweaty and smells of days old sex.

Her daddy comes in "How you feeling baby." No answer from Little Slut. Her daddy climbs on top of her and she hears him undo his belt. She feels his finger sneak down her ass and pull you underware to mid thigh. Her pussy instantly begins to get wet. "Did you hear me Little Slut" asks her father. Still no answer from Little Slut.

He slaps her hard accross the ass and finally a little motion from Little Slut as her whole body tightens as the sting runs through her body. "Listen up cunt, I wanna hear you scream face down in that pillow"

She feels her daddy's hands, one around her throat and the other on the back of her head. Forcing it into her pillow. She feels her breath get warm on her face as her daddy slides his cock into her now sopping pussy.

She is lost now. She barely hears her father telling her what a stupid little whore she is. She feels her fathers cock brutally fucking her from behind, and she screams hard with every thrust. It seems like forever as her pussy is now dripping with her cum, the feeling grows and grows, until its time...

Its time to beg her daddy to let her cum. "Please daddy, may I cum" she screams with all the force she has left. He lets her cum, and she sprays a heavy stream of cum back onto her daddy's balls, and he continues to pump her hard. She finishes and daddy pulls his cock out of her stretched pussy. He empties his balls all over Little Sluts asshole as she lays there still quivering from the sex.

Tired and relaxed Little Slut drifts away to sleep, she feels here daddy holding her and stroking her hair, and wonders if she is awake or dreaming.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Weekend

"It's been a rough weekend" thinks Little Slut as she sits down on her sore ass. She was a moody little slut to start the weekend off, but that's the way Little Sluts are from time to time. She was so angry with her daddy Sunday morning she took her cuffs off. She knew better, and she was punished, fifty spankings for Little Slut. She cries and pouts but deep down she thanks her daddy for making her a good little girl. She knows without disipline she would be lost. Ass her ass glows red and her eyes tear, her daddy can't help but feel a little pride in the Good Little Slut that she is turning into.

Little Slut was used thoroughly by her daddy, her mouth, her ass, her cunt, all taken and sore from use. Finally a little relief this morning. Instead fucking her puffy little pusys again her daddy just gave Little Slut his cum on her neck before he left for work.

Wreaking of cum, cunt, sweat, lude, Little Slut finally has time for a shower after her daddy leaves for work. Her body aches, her ass is burning from her spankings this morning, and her pussy is in terrible shape after all the punishment it took this weekend. Little Slut turns on the shower, and as she waits for the water to warm, she feels it again. Tired, and used, she can't help herself, even after a fuck fest weekend, she is a Little Slut. She feels her pussy tingle, and she knows it won't be long, she checks the clock, its gonna be a long day. She lets her hand fall down between her legs, as she begins to play, the thought of the punishment she will get only makes her orgasm come quicker. Little Slut can't help herself, as thoughts of cock, plugs, cum, and cream pies swirl, daddy's fucking there little daughters. Its a battle Little Slut will never win. She is a Little Slut, and she loves it.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Making the Bed

Little Slut is making the bed, she hopes it will please her daddy. She folds the blankets, tucks in the sheet, and smoothes the pillow. Her mind drifts to her face pressed hard into the pillow when she moans and daddy fills her cunt with cock.

Its so hard for her sometimes with so much to do. Its so nice when all she needs to worry about is being daddy's Little Slut. Maybe tonight... After everything is done she will find herself pushed face down on the bed, her little ass sticking up begging for cock.

She remembers the feeling of cum dribbling down her ass onto her cunt and Little Slut shakes. She remembers running her fingers over her creamed pussy, and the smell and taste come back to Little Slut. She knows its over now, once the thought of getting fucked crosses her mind its only a matter of time until she will cum. She can only hope she can hold out until daddy gets home, otherwise she will have a tortured ass to go with her sloppy cunt. Little Slut can't wait to get fucked.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday Morning

With her ass sticky and her cunt filled with her daddy's cum Little Slut starts her day. She needs to go shopping, and clean the house, but all she can think about is daddy's cock filling up her willing pussy last night. She loves when daddy fucks her like a puppy, Little Slut likes to bark, and growl.

Her ass full of cum and her pussy still red and puffy, Little Slut can't help herself, so she takes her coffee and sits in front of her computer with her breakfast, and lets her little fingers find their way down her PJ's, and pulls up her favorite incest porn site. Not even thinking about daddy's hand accross her little tight ass, Little Slut is a slave to her slut inclinations. All she can think about it sex, sex with her daddy, it is so wrong and that is why Little Slut needs it. Everyday she tries to be good, everyday she says, "I will be a good little girl from now on." And everyday she thinks about her daddy, and how much he loves playing with his Little Slut, and knows she will always love her daddy's cock. Little Slut can smell her dirty little pussy getting wetter, still filled with her father's cum. No, maybe tomorrow she will be a good little girl, today she is still Little Slut.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thursday Blues

Little Slut is off to work, she is frustrated and angry becuase her daddy is so mean, and he didn't even fuck her little pussy last night. Her dirty mind works and wonders... " ...should she play and be naughty, I already have 180, no 190 spankings coming. "

Her pussy gets wet as she imagines her ass burning and red, after her daddy gives her punishment. Little Slut doesn't know that daddy's hand won't be the only thing punishing her ass this weekend.

It should be a fun weekend, Saturday can't come soon enough for Little Slut.

Good Night Kiss

Little Slut lays with her face smothered in her pillow. Her daddy's hands work her sore little shoulders and neck. "Oh, his hands feel so good" she thinks "nearly as good as his cock sometimes" Just then she feels his cock slide into her cunt from behind her, all she can do is moan and bury her face so no one can hear, as Little Slut given one last good fuck before she drifts off to sleep.

After the Punishment

To Little Slut

Did you wake up with a sore, sloppy, pussy this morning? Dripping with cum, puffy, and red, did your cunt wreak of sex my love. You took your punishment like a good girl last night. Whenever I slap you face your tighten, you clench your jaw, and squeeze your fist, you tighten up... you tighten up every where.

Love Daddy


Curled in a ball with her face still stinging from her punishment, Little Slut is hurt and angry. "Why is daddy so mean?" She curls up and wishes she wouldn't have told daddy about playing with her pussy at work. "Why should I have to, he has been neglecting his Little Slut, trying to make me beg... ""It's my pussy too, and if he would fuck his Little Slut once and while I wouldn't need to play with it myself." Little slut is lost in thought, about sex, and debauchery, incest, and punishments, fair, and unfair.

Then her daddy's hand between Little Sluts thighs, curled in the fetal position, she pushes them together, but she knows there is no stopping him. Her pussy is already wet by the time her father forces open her legs. It always hurts at first, but she knows soon she will get lost in the feeling as her daddy, pounds his cock into his Little Sluts pussy. Her dad smiles when he sees his Little Slut wince after shoving his cock in her pussy. Her pussy is still so tight, he remembers why he bagan fucking his little girl in the first place. Soon she begins to moan like a whore, begging her daddy to let her cum. And he does, he lets her shoot cum, he lets her make a puddle on the bed, She finally gets a repreive from the torture daddy has been giving her. Little

Slut knows cock is exactly what she needed. She knows now why she is naughty; even when Little Slut cries and pouts, she knows she is a Little Slut deep down. She needs filth, incest, and wrongness to feel whole. She has only has one daddy. She knows that the real pleasure isn't the orgasmism without permission. The real pleasure is her punishments, and the way her daddy fucks her after putting her in her place. She can still feel the sting on her cheeks as she cleans daddy's cock with her mouth. As she feels the cum dribble down her thigh, all she can do is imagine waking up to the pressure of cock working her pussy from behind.